Q: What the heck is a preset???
A: Presets are Lightroom "filters" that are highly customizable- more than any editing app on the market to date. To get a specific and unique look to your photos, these customizations are crucial. A preset is one's personal signature on a photo. My presets are there to guide you, and start you on a very solid and polished base.
Q: Okay, but what exactly is a preset...
A: My presets include total customization, ranging from (but definitely not limited to) contrast, split toning, color profiles, curving, shadows, blacks and whites, highlights and more. 
Q: Why should i edit with presets, versus on an editing app like VSCO? 
A: While editing apps are amazing for their quickness, Lightroom presets offer professional level photo editing. What that means is you have a ton more room to customize your photos, in order to create the exact vibe you want to. If you are working with a brand, editing photos for someone else's brand, or just want to take your photos to the next level, and really take 100% full creative control of your images, presets are for you. 
Q: Okay so why your presets?
A: I personally do not believe in charging you $50+ dollars for a preset pack. Camera gear is expensive enough, and you guys have done so much for me over the years, just by following and supporting me. So my presets are just $10 per pack. This is HUNDREDS of dollars less than most top creator presets. My photos speak for themselves. My instagram speaks for itself. I have gotten to travel the world, shoot content for major brands, and become friends with every top travel creator! I hope I can start a change to lower the price of professional presets because everyone deserves good photos. I would make them free if this website didn't take me so long to build myself hah! You can go spend $100 on presets somewhere else but I know what I'm doing when it comes to photos and I just want ya'll to save some money periodddd. 
Q: ALRIGHT CHILL you convinced me. How does this preset thing work?
A: Well first you need to have Lightroom. Once you have that, you just download my presets from the link that will be sent to you after purchase - via email. Upload them into Lightroom and get started! My presets range from light to heavy edits, so below you can find my quick cheat sheet to use mine (or anyone's) presets. 
  • To quickly make a preset "less" bold, turn the contrast and saturation down by half. Then work your way back to your desired sweet spot!
  • To quickly make a preset bolder, turn the contrast, exposure and blacks up. Then work your way to the sweet spot! This trick makes me able to quickly edit different photos using the same preset. 
  • A great photographer can both save time and expand their pack, by making another preset their own. So play with my presets! If you love one but want the blues to be more purpley, just fix the purple, and save as a new preset. My preset collection has virtually every vibe, but there's always something new to be discovered. 
  • To make your photos more moody, turn the exposure DOWN. Film does not naturally have a blown out exposure. So don't be afraid to go dark! 
Q: Cool i feel like i know everything now. Is there anything else I should know?
A: Have fun, experiment with all vibes and moods, and get creative! Also tag me in any photos you post with my presets so i can stalk you. 
xx Eva